Freshwater Fish

Interesting facts about freshwater biome

Lakes, ponds, streams, and rivers in our Earth are mainly made up of freshwater, creating freshwater biome for fishes and other living things to live in. Do you know the fact that freshwater cover almost 20% of the Earth and are in various locations spread out all over the world.

Of course, most freshwater biomes consist of moving water and contain many types of fish. Right below here are some quite interesting facts about freshwater biome that you might not know. Let’s see what they are now.

  • Only 3% of the water on Earth comes from freshwater biomes.
  • There are over 700 different species of fish that live in a freshwater biome.
  • 99% of all freshwater is either in the form of ice or located in an aquifer.
  • Many animals besides fish live in freshwater biomes. This includes crocodiles, hippopotamus, turtles, and frogs.
  • Freshwater biomes are subdivided into three groups: lakes and ponds, streams and rivers, and wetlands.
  • There are four key features that determine the ecology of streams and rivers – the flow of the water, amount of light, the temperature or climate, and the chemistry of the river.
  • Smaller bodies of water such as ditches and puddles are also considered freshwater biomes because they help some form of life to survive.
  • Freshwater biomes are very important to our survival because they supply people with more than half of their drinking water.
  • The largest freshwater biome is the Florida Everglades.
  • The water in a freshwater biome contains less than 1% of salt water. Any body of water that contains little to no salt is considered freshwater.
  • Freshwater biomes contain plenty of grass and plants but trees are very scarce.
  • Together with fishes, there’re alo many insects living in the freshwater biome that some might consider being pests including mosquitos and flies. These insects are very important in that they are a food source to many mammals, birds, and amphibians.
  • Every freshwater biome is unique because they all contain a range of animal and plant species, different climates, and various amounts of water. No 2 freshwater biomes are exactly the same.
  • The Nile, the longest river in the world, is a part of a freshwater biome.
  • Due to the variety of animals living in the freshwater biome, there are a lot of predator-prey relationships.

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